Growing Healthy Food

Our aim is to build healthy soil to feed strong healthy plants and animals. We are working towards this goal by using compost for nutrients and organic matter and organic seaweed fertilisers. We are using minimal tillage to preserve the structure and life in the soil. We hope to build a strong worm population that will eventually do all our tillage for us.

Growing Practices

We use intensive growing techniques to grow as much beautiful food as possible in our small growing area. We are not certified organic, but we believe that what we practice goes well beyond the minimum required for organic growing. 

Soil Building

Our growing area is approximately one acre in size, divided into permanent raised beds. When we started the, ground was overgrazed and compacted. To start we broke up the compaction with a tractor and walk behind tiller. We then use a broad fork to open up the soil in the beds and added compost and some minerals. We are now trying to maintain the soil structure by tilling as little as possible and keeping the beds covered, either with vegetables, mulch or landscape fabric. In this way we hope to build a strong healthy soil environment.